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Research Topics

Contributions related to:

  • Integrated sensor systems, Monitoring, Prevention and Analysis Systems;
  • Earth observation systems including Satellite Remote Sensing and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles;
  • Case studies; Educational programs.

for the following Sessions Civil Protection activities are encouraged:

SC1: Natural disasters

Forest fires; earthquake; flood; tornado; drought; tsunamis, rockfall, tsunami, etc.

SC2: Technological disasters

Accidents in electrical power and natural gas infrastructures; chemical industries; land/air/water pollution; monitoring of large infrastructures (i.e., dams; bridge; skyscraper), etc.

SC3: Other disasters

Regional and national scale maritime, aviation, rail accidents, epidemics, etc.

SC4: Search and Rescue

Search and rescue; international humanitarian aid; permanent and mobile coordination centers; transportation of hazardous materials, etc.

Contact the Organizing Committee if you want to co-organize a parallel event - session.


Parallel Events

The following events will be performed jointly with SafeChania 2015 workshop:
•    Outreach Workshop on "Rockfall monitoring and prevention: Architecture, Equipment, Database, Decision Support System ", Saturday 13-June-2015